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​Aya Iwata


2024/May 32nd International Jewelry Competition EMPATHY (Legnica, Poland)

2024 Solo Exhibition “KUMONOIE You are close by” at 5610 Gallery (Aoyama Tokyo)

2023 Fusion of metal and glass (Nihonbashi,Tokyo )

2023 Expo.CKI at MUSEO ART CHIVIO (Italy)

2023 Exhibition at AYu:M gallery (Yamagata)

2023 Journèe desdroits de la femee : une exposition à l'hotel de ville (Limoges,France)

2022 Exhibition at Heisei memorial museum gallery (Tokyo)

2022 Conversation International exhibition of enamel on metal at Musse des Beaux-Arts de Limoges (France)

2021 Solo Exhibition at 5610Gallery (Aoyama)

1998-2020 Art Jewelry of Enamel at AC Gallery (Ginza)

2016 Japan Korea Cloisonné Exhibition at Korean Cultural Center (Tokyo)

2014 Exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi

2007 Enamel lecture at School of jewelry,Birmingham statute of Art and Design 

2001 Enameling Jewelry Exhibition at Ginza Matsuya

2000 Jewelry Exhibition at Gallery Koh(Yanaka)

2000 Enamel Exhibition‘Portuguese Japonaise en email’(Switzerland)

1999 Jewelry Exhibition (Aichi)

1998-99 Permanent Exhibition at The Museum of Arts and Crafts Itami

1997  Craft jewelry Exhibition (Toyama)

1997 Itami International Craft Exhibition (The museum of Arts and Crafts Itami)  

1996 Craft jewelry Exhibition (Kanazawa)

1996 Japanese Craft Exhibition (Ginza Matsuya)

1996,97 Exhibition at Gallery Enju(Omiya)

1995,98 Exhibition at Gallery Okariya(Ginza)

1994 Sekisui House Wall surface work production (Tokyo Sendagi,Ryogoku)

1994 Metal Carving,Tokyo   University of the Arts 

2009- Visiting Lecturer, Musashino Art University 

1995- Visiting Lecturer,Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School 

Public collection

2023  Arcidiocesi di Palermo (Palermo,Italy) Kumonoie, Jewelry

2022  Musse des Beaux-Arts de Limoges (Limoges,France) Kumonoie



2024 32nd International Jewelry Competition EMPATHY (Legnica, Poland)

 Special Awards / Award1-Of the director of the gallery of art in Legnica

                         / Award2-Of the international amber association

                         / Award3-Of the lost in jewellery magazine

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