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Kumonoie solo exhibition has successfully concluded.

It was a whirlwind two weeks. 
Meeting everyone and sharing conversations was truly invaluable. I am filled with gratitude.
To all who attended, the staff at Gallery 5610, my friend who directed the collection book, and my friends who assisted with reception preparations, I am truly, truly grateful for all the help.
Cloisonne remains aniche genre. I hope to share my knowledge with many students so that more artists can flourish in this field. 

Thank you very much.
See you in Poland in May!

5th April, 2024.   AYA IWATA


Kumonoie solo sxhibition
23ed March 2024-5th April 2024 at Gallery 5610
5-6-10Minamiaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo JAPAN

I am pleased to announce the publication of Aya Iwata's first aet book, "KUMONOIE", in conjunction with this solo exhibition.

                Title: KUMONOIE
                Direction, Editing: Ayumu Takahashi
                Photography: Yousuke Ōtomo
                Price: ¥5,500 ( tax included)

“Opera realizzata in occasione della Causa di beatificazione
di don Giovanni Battista Sidoti, Chosuke e Haru e donate all’Arcidiocesi di Palermo”

The Archbishop of Palermo commissioned me to create this work to commemorate the beatification of Don Giovanni Battista Sidoti, Chousuke and Haru, and I am donating this piece to the Archdiocese of Palermo

On the surface of the main part, silver lines were used to draw wave patterns, ships, fish, deer on Yakushima Island and blue birds flying freely in the sky.

Father Sidoti's name was drawn in thick 18-carat gold lines, while the names Chousuke and Haru were drawn in Chinese characters on gold leaf.

The beads were made with glass burner work and wired cloisonné on semi-magnetic clay.

And on the reverse side there is the blue sky and clouds of Palermo and a small house made of crystal and silver parts on a small cloud of silver.

The silver part of the little house can be filled with bones.

Palermo Cathedral

Archbishop's residence

mons. Corrado Lorefice ( Arcivescovo di Palermo ), don Mario Torcivia ( Posturatole della Causa di beatificazione di don Giovanni Battista Sidoti, Chōsuke e Haru ) , and I.

The Conference on Vitreous Enamel at the Expo-Congress International2023

見出し h1

The International loisonne Art Conference was held at Ponte San Pietro in Italy.
Cloisonne artists and professors from various countries gathered to speak at the conference.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Attilio, Director of the Museo delle Cloisonne and President of the Association of Italian Cloisonne Artists, for organizing this congress and exhibition.

On 7 November, the international exhibition CONVERSATION came to an end.
I would like to thank all the artists who exhibited with me and the Musée de Limoges for their support in organizing this exhibition.

                                                         3 September-26 September 2022

Conversation International exhibition of enamel on metal
21 May - 7 November 2022








The Archangels Gabriel and Michael were damaged during transport: the curators, in agreement with the artist, have nevertheless chosen to exhibit them in order to show Aya Iwata's technical know-how and sources of inspiration. The rounded curves and pastel colors of these two pieces convey a certain poetry.

                                   1st January 2022


Last fall, I did a jewelry pieces shoot.

Thanks to my lovely model, my friend who did the styling, and the photographer.


Model / Coco rokka

Stylist/ Kuniko Fukuoka

Photographer/ Yosuke Otomo

Aya Iwata solo exhibition House in the clouds is over. Thank you very much.


Designed by Fumio Mizukawa

Gallery 5610 Tokyo JAPAN

5-6-10Minamiaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo


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