Conversation International exhibition
of enamel on metal
21 May - 7 November 2022

In the heart of the famous enamel collections of the Musée des Beaux-arts de Limoges, several personalities practising enamel on metal, representative of the international scene, have been invited to exhibit. Nine artists, and as many views on enamel, its techniques, its history. The nine sensibilities exhibited at the BAL offer a true poetic and artistic kaleidoscope, in resonance with the museum’s collections. The forms and techniques of past centuries are observed, questioned, renewed, a source of inspiration and emulation at the same time. Echoes are drawn between past and present: permanence of miniaturization, refinement of jewelry, links between art and craft. But a renewal appears, questioning the current world and opening to the climatic and societal stakes.


Last fall, I did a jewelry pieces shoot.

Thanks to my lovely model, my friend who did the styling, and the photographer.


Model / Coco rokka

Stylist/ Kuniko Fukuoka

Photographer/ Yosuke Otomo

                                   1st January 2022

Online shops in Gallery 5610 are no longer available.

For inquiries about my works, please contact my by e-mail.

Thank you very much.

I am currently working on new pieces.

Please look forward to it.

                                    2nd August 2021

  The solo exhibition is over.    Thank you for coming to Gallery5610.

     Aya Iwata solo exhibition House in the clouds 

Designed by Fumio Mizukawa


Gallery 5610 Tokyo JAPAN

5-6-10Minamiaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo