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About Kumonoie


“Kumonoie” which literally means a "house in the clouds" is representative of the body of my work .This transpired from the idea of creating a heavenly home, a sanctuary for ourselves and loved our ones. It is indeed an urn, a vessel where one can put ones ashes, memories and emotions. It is an object that makes one who is longing to keep lost loved ones close by, those who have passed away before us, or to pass on to those we leave behind. 


When I look up in the sky, I see so many Kumonoies.


Kumonoie is a combination of multiple techniques.

The cloud formations on the top are made using the Pâte de verre technique and the base is fine silver with enameling.

The fine silver component is fabricated utilising two techniques.

Soldering and raising, a metalsmithing technique, raising an object from a single sheet of metal with hammers and stakes.

The cloisonné glaze is then applied to the base. When I want to further evoke a poetic and nuanced expression, I utilise wired cloisonné.

With the dramatic shapes created by the raising, I use another enamelling technique called ronde-bosse, where a thin layer of transparent glaze is applied to bring out the utmost beauty of the pure silver.

鍛金技法で作ったダイナミックな形には、純銀の美しさを最大限に活かせるよう、透明釉を薄く乗せて焼き上げる、ronde bosseと呼ばれる技法で作り上げています。
The works of Aya Iwata that are not included in the list above are showcased.
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