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Over the last 30years I have worked with gold and silver by hand. 

 I am fascinated by the qualities of these materials and by the technical processes involved in working with them.

I find these materials  are amazingly soft when I work with them.

I enjoy how delicate and warm these metals are.

My main interest has been in searching for new imageries of the metals by using enameling.

Enamels give metals a distinctive transparent shimmer. 

Enameling enhances the poetic expressions of my work.

I will continue to enjoy working on metals with enamels.


The techniques and materials that I use allow me to give expression to the inspiration that I get from watching the sky and the ever-changing clouds.

I love the softness of fine silver, the colour transparency, texture of enamel and the joy I get from working with these materials.


Clouds are  ever changing.  They are always drawing  something different in the sky.

When I look up to  the canvas of the sky it reflects the feelings I have within me.

There is a pure white cloud calmly floating in the blue sky.One is dynamically torn by winds, one is beautifully dyed by the drawing light, and one appears threatening and forebodes that storm is coming.  Each of them has the unique form, rhythm, color and harmony.It is like creation.  Images that clouds draw on the sky canvas are also the pictures in my mind.

My inspiration often comes from Christianity because I’m a dedicated Christian.

I seek the themes such as love, faith, and truth and materialize them into my creation.

Images that I see in the clouds seem to be a message from God to me. That is purely inspirational.

I build them one after another.  I never believe death is the end,  another life will go on from there Kumonoie.

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