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Ever since I was a young child, I was always scared of death. This was compounded by the loss of my dearest mother in 1991 when I was still an art student at University.

I kept my mother’s urn close with me for 2years and  even took her  along my trips.

In 1994 when I graduated University, I decided to place the Urn to the church to be buried and the emptiness never disappeared.

Since then I have pursued making "Kumonoie" which literally is an Urn.


As the name in Japanese suggests, it is a home erected amongst the cloud in the sky. I use my imagination to create these homes for my loved ones. So these are in fact miniature urns where one can place precious memories. It is a home filled with memories and emotions.  

Death is often associated with negative emotions so I wish these urns to be a warm and welcoming object, a beacon for your happy memories with your lost loved ones.



1967年 東京生まれ

1994年 東京芸術大学美術研究科修士課程工芸専攻彫金修了



1998~2020年 七宝のアートジュエリー展 ACギャラリー(銀座)

2000年 Enamel Exhibition 「詩的な日本の七宝 」(スイス)

2016年 日韓七宝展 駐日韓国大使館 韓国文化院(四谷)

2021年 くものいえ Solo Exhibition  Gallery5610 (表参道)

2022年 International exhibition of enamel on metal (リモージュ、フランス)

2023年 Expo. CKI イタリア七宝作家協会展 (ベルガモ、イタリア)

2024年 くものいえ Solo Exhibition  Gallery5610 (表参道)予定



1994年 積水ハウス(株)マンションエントランス (千駄木、両国)

2022年 Musse des Beaux-Arts de Limoges (Limoges,France) Kumonoie

2023年 Arcidiocesi di Palermo(Palermo,Italy)Kumonoie, Jewelry



2023 Expo .CKI at MUSEO ART CHIVIO (BG, Italy)

2023 Exhibition at Ayu:M gallery (Yamagata, Japan)

2023 Journée desdroits de la femme ; une exposition à l’hôtel de ville (Limoges, France)

2022 Exhibition at Heisei memorial museum gallery (Tokyo)

2022 Conversation International exhibition of enamel on metal at Musse des Beaux-Arts de Limoges (France)

2021 Solo Exhibition “KUMONOIE” at 5610 Gallery (Aoyama, Tokyo)

1998~2020 Art Jewelry of Enamel at AC Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo)

2016 Japan Korea Closonne Exhibition at Korean Cultural Center (Tokyo, Japan)

2014 Exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi (Ginza, Tokyo)

2007 Enamel lecture at School of jewelry, Birmingham statute of Arts and Design

2001 Enameling Jewelry Exhibition at Ginza Matsuya (Ginza, Tokyo)

2000 Jewelry Exhibition at Gallery Koh (Yanaka, Tokyo)

2000 Enamel Exhibition ‘Portuguese Japonaise en email’ (Switzerland)

1999 Jewelry Exhibition (Aichi, Japan)

1998~99 Permanent Exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Crafts Itami

1997 Craft jewelry Exhibition (Toyama, Japan)

1997 Itami International Craft Exhibition (The Museum of Arts and Crafts Itami)

1996 Craft jewelry Exhibition (Kanazawa, Japan)

1996 Japanese Craft Exhibition at Ginza Matsuya (Tokyo)

1996,97 Exhibition at Gallery Enju (Omiya, Saitama)

1995,98 Exhibition at Gallery Okariya (Ginza, Tokyo)

1994 Sekisui House Waii surface work productions (Tokyo Sendagi, Ryogoku)

1994 M.F.A in Metal Caving, Tokyo University of the Arts


2009~ Visiting Lecturer, Musashino Art University

1995~ Visiting Lecturer, Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School

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